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Elektrik Ink is an Integrated
Advertising & Online Marketing

Elektrik Ink has been offering an effective blend of integrated marketing, creative advertising & cost-efficient production services in both traditional marketing and online marketing since 1994.


We Make Marketing Relevant

Our design style is contemporary without being trendy and our goal is to engage your market wherever they are — not just where we happen to be.

Online, on television or at events, we design our advertising to engage, not just explain. And our creative advertising and marketing doesn't interrupt the viewer, but involve them.


We Listen

We make it our business to spend a lot of time listening to our clients — their visions, goals and their challenges.

Equally important to listening to the client, is listening to the market. Viewing each of our clients "through the eyes of their customers" is how we're able to get the sharpest image of their brand, their true strengths as well as their competitors.





We Deliver Results

Our integrated advertising & social marketing programs are marked by milestones and backed with specific deliverables. Its our responsibility to manage every detail so that projects are on budget and on schedule.

By eliminating the fancy titles and bureaucratic layers, Elektrik Ink stays focused on the bottom line results, and cost effectiveness our clients want.


We Play Well With Others

No one is an expert at everything. While our strategic, creative and executional capabilities are well known to our clients, we have also become masters at collaberating.

When needed, we combine our expertise with the best and brightest specialists to expand resources and execute programs. Our goal is to faciliate the best marketing program for you, not monopolize it.

Our collaberative advertising philosophy also makes Elektrik Ink an ideal resource to operate as an adjunct to other marketing agencies and departments.

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